PPU Activities

The Unit's research ranges from short-term limited projects (such as advice to Select Committees on current matters) to longer-term projects. Funders for longer-term work have included the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Leverhulme Trust, and think-tanks, including the New Politics Network and the New Local Government Network.


Current projects include work on:

Research grants and contracts

Current research:

  • Methodology for Mapping Flow of Home Office Funding to Disadvantaged Areas and Impact of that Funding. Sponsor: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Principal investigator: Matrix Research & Consultancy Ltd
  • Regional public expenditure in the UK: the Barnett Formula and possible alternatives.
  • Options for local taxation in England: council tax, rates, or land value tax?

Completed research:

Research and Consultancy

The Public Policy Unit is willing to tender for research and consultancy contracts with public service organisations, trade unions and citizens' movememts in the UK and elsewhere. Please contact the Unit Administrator using the online contact form.


The Unit welcomes applications to visit from academics at institutions in the UK and overseas, advanced doctoral research students and those with a professional or academic interest in public policy. Please see the Department's website at http://www.politics.ox.ac.uk/index.php/visitors-schemes/apply-to-be-a-visitor.html or contact the Unit Administrator using the online contact form.